The Middle is a sequel to the group exhibition The End, organized by John Connelly and Michael Bühler-Rose in New York City in 2012 at Vogt Gallery. The exhibition is a continuation of the ideas raised by The End’s exploration of the fertile possibilities inherent in destruction, cancellation and culmination.

The Middle interprets the meaning of the center, the unfinished and the liminal in both literal and metaphorical terms. Here, rather than conclusion, the narrative of the middle suggests the transitory, the vital, and the in-between. With the mid-point or median becoming a possible catalyst for self-awareness, reflection and reassessment and a testament of continuity between “the end” of one thing and “the beginning” of another.

The works in The Middle touch upon broad themes such as order, gender, and style with many using references to time, history, travel and landscape as metaphors for the transience of human existence.