Celebrating our two year anniversary, Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art is pleased to announce the exhibition, “Works on Paper: 1960’s - 80’s,” a group show exploring American and European creativity with works on paper spanning three decades. This exhibit showcases thirteen acclaimed artists including: Larry Rivers, Pat Steir, James Rosenquist, Jake Berthot, Mary Frank, Budd Hopkins, Joan Snyder, Michael David, Dieter Roth, Jonathan Borofsky, David Storey, Nino Longobardi, and Markus Lüpertz.

These artists created works on paper with the use of many different mediums to achieve their unique creative goal including, graphite drawing, etching, oil paint, collage, crayon, lithography, and watercolor. In this exhibit we explore the use of these different mediums, styles and concepts. For example the mixed media work on paper, by widely admired artist Pat Steir, whose simple drawing resembles a worksheet, showcasing the building blocks of art, using grids, color, text, and scribbles. And Budd Hopkins who used paper collage as an artistic technique and a philosophical, aesthetic means of unifying a disjointed and fragmented world.

We also explore Larry Rivers, “Maxine”, a graphite drawing of his red-headed lover Maxine Groffsky, created during a time of carnal indulgence for the artist. And Mary Frank who creates a vision that hovers between the natural world and the world of the imagination with her watercolor female figures, evoking states of feeling and emotion.

All of these distinct artists vary in their style, use of medium and creative expression and we are delighted to showcase them in celebration of our two year anniversary.