Following a successful run in New York, Garis & Hahn is pleased to announce that it will relocate to Los Angeles‘ downtown arts district, inaugurating its new location with a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Mike Perry titled Intoxicating Pollen Wiggling in a Moist Journey of Constantly Blooming Tides that will feature recent works on canvas. The exhibition will display a series of kaleidoscopic abstractions and ebullient distillations of the pop and surrealist canon, representing a further evolution in the artist’s practice. Twelve new works, including a new series of mobile sculptures titled “Inner Thoughts,” will be presented.

On the move to Los Angeles, Mary Garis states, “LA, which has a legacy of very talented artists and strong institutions, is increasingly getting its due credit as a true center to rival other major art cities like New York. We feel the timing is right to be active contributors to the LA art scene. LA has many fantastic commercial galleries and spaces and also some really ambitious and important artist-run spaces. I think our gallery bridges that gap in an interesting way. ”

The gallery’s first Los Angeles exhibition will include large-scale paintings that embody all the signature elements of Perry’s work—un-naturalistic colors, intricately distorted compositions, and a hand-drawn aesthetic—while also exhibiting many of the preoccupations with form shared by the Fauvists and German Expressionists; visible layers of impasto emphasize the two-dimensionality of the canvas, suggesting Matisse’s Dancers and Blue Nude cut-outs.

Here, Perry explores how light becomes liquid, and renders such unseen forces as gravitational waves, blurring boundaries of bodies and creating hypnotic whirlpools in the midst of his portraits. The series revels in a vibrant, sanguine figuration, as in a diptych of an orgy represented by bright lines and curves that flow across a blue and black background, suggesting muddled appendages.

Perry's practice is as fluid as his brushstrokes, ranging from drawings, sculpture, and paintings to graphic illustration, and, in recent years, animation with his role as the artist who creates the signature graphics and unique opening animations for each episode of Comedy Central's Broad City, now entering its fourth season this fall.