Magna Carta , is a group show entirely dedicated to works of art on plain paper. The exhibition represents the inaugural event of the 2017/2018 season to be held at the Galleria Punto Sull'Arte in Varese – Casbeno.

Eleven artists, painters and sculptors, Italian and foreign, will exhibit their works on paper. Paper is a delicate but simple and intriguing material which enables artists to express themselves with extraordinary versatility. Each artist has his/her own personal touch and style. There are paintings made with acrylic or oil colours, others with enamel paint; some artists use coloured biros or water colours and even particular etching techniques or paper sculptures.

The artist pursues his/her own favourite subject: whether it be a long-lost country landscape that reminds us of the world's beauties often ruined by the hand of mankind; or stylized animals caught in the most absurd situations and coupled with everyday objects with monochromatic backgrounds; modern metropolis built on a wonderful play of formal equilibrium; urban scenes with coloured ostriches passing by; pictures of autumn and winter dominated by the sound of silence, sophisticated and sad.