Some two-hundred pieces of minerals, fossils and rocks, all from the University of Seville's Geology Museum, make up this exhibition, which presents a visual history of the geological processes which have occurred on and shaped our planet, from the Palaeozoic era through to today.

Furthermore, a part of this display, which will now be a permanent feature at the Casa de la Ciencia and which is the result of its partnership with the University of Seville, pays particular attention to local geology, namely how the land belonging to the Province of Seville has been shaped and the elements which may be found in this region of Spain.

The University of Seville's Geology Museum may be traced back to 1850 when one of the professors from this university and one of the first to teach Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Antonio Machado y Núñez, founded the Centre of Natural History. The pieces are displayed in various glass cabinets and are accompanied by information on them. They span the various geological eras with key events from each one being explained.