Directly from Hemmings Classic Car magazine column “Detroit Underdogs,” this exhibit focuses attention on the often overlooked, under appreciated and easily attainable cars we fondly recall from our youth. Conceived by Editor-In-Chief Richard Lentinello and columnist Milton Stern, the articles feature cars that were very popular in their day, but have lost their luster through the passage of time such as the Ford Granada, Buick Apollo, and Rambler Americans.

The exhibit, like the column, will shine a light on the cars that were the bread and butter of the American car market and have emerged as “underdogs” in the classic car market: post-war Plymouths, Packard 200s and the last of the large Mercurys.

These cars are great choices for those seeking an understanding of the automobile’s role in history as well as those wishing to enter the old car hobby. Featured vehicles will include a 1970 Ford Maverick 2- door coupe and a 1981 AMC Concord 2-door sedan along with a variety of “Detroit Underdogs” columns posted in large format.