Our Rocky Mountains scene has gone through a redesign and has been turned this into a Route 66 gallery! MapsKey66-siloDriving is an integral part of our culture.

It is woven into the fabric of our history and is evidence of changing times. An iconic stretch of roadway, Route 66, plays both an emotional and historical reference in American transportation history. Highlighting the gallery redesign are objects from the AACA Museum’s collection including Native American artifacts from the Cammack Collection and authentic porcelain driving symbols and signs beckoning drivers to rest or view artifacts from by-gone eras.

This promises to be one of our most popular exhibits, allowing the memories to flood back for those who lived Route 66 in its prime, and to allow those who missed the era to experience a piece of history. We’re grateful for the response in support of this project to date and future contributions to this project, donations are always greatly appreciated.