Scientists use classification to uncover the natural world's hidden patterns and meanings. With its reference library of interesting objects, enticingly mysterious environments, and hands-on activities, Natural Mysteries inspires you to use this basic skill in brand-new ways.

Classifying lets us unlock some of nature's most complex and fascinating secrets. In this exhibit, visitors can observe and classify rocks and minerals, sand, leaves, shells, skulls, and tracks.

Explore four North American habitats: a pocket park in Boston's Back Bay, a Sonoran desert cave, an abandoned schoolhouse in the New England woods, and a sandy beach, which offers clues for visitors to interpret and discover where in the United States it is located.

At the center of the exhibit is an old-style museum where the collection drawers are yours to open and explore. Observe selections from the Museum's collection of donated stuffed animals, some of which are over 100 years old.