Created in July 2009 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing, this exhibit features full-size models of the Apollo and Mercury capsules and a graphic timeline documenting the key era of human space exploration.

Learn about the Apollo program that sent 20 people into space, including the first humans to set to foot on the Moon. Crawl into the “Apollo Command Module,” and watch the first Moon landing from the cockpit seats! Stand in front of a full-size model of the cockpit of the “Lunar Module,” and see moon rock fragments and other memorabilia of the era.

Close by in the Blue Wing is a 1/5 scale model of Skylab (which launched in May of 1973 and fell to earth in July of 1979) along with a display of space station models showing the relative sizes between Salyut, Skylab, Mir, and the International Space Station.