This collaboration between the Museum and an artist, a psychiatrist-scientist, and a science journalist shines a light on common misconceptions about mental health. View paintings, photographs, sculptures, and videos inspired by current scientific knowledge. The artwork, by local artist Lynda Michaud Cutrell, reflects biology, data, and personal stories in the hope that we might gain new insights into this important topic.

Explore a sculpture representing the full human DNA sequence. (It uses colored features to indicate specific genes and proteins, developed in actual width-to-length proportions of human chromosomes.) View portraits of 99 individuals, including 33 people who have experienced symptoms of schizophrenia, 33 people who have experienced symptoms of bipolar disorder, and 33 people who love them.

These 99 Faces images are courtesy of Paul Foley, Louise Michaud, Frank Caliri, and Michael Ciesielski.

Funding for this project has been provided in part by the Sidney R. Baer, Jr. Foundation, Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation, Barbara Scolnick, and NAMI Cape Ann.