Voloshyn Gallery presents a new exposition Summer Show.

What’s he like, the modern artist? What themes does his art involve, what’s his range of interests? Hence, the time of art groups, like the ones painters of 90s or 2000s belonged to is slipping away, instead, the new age of lone, detached figures in art is coming. We’ll demonstrate the exhibition of independant projects of six artists – Ruslan Tremba, Sergiy Zapadnya, Bogdan Tomashevskiy, Polina Verbytska, Marina Bindich, Volodymyr Kohut. Among the participants of SUMMER SHOW there are famous personalities of Ukrainian art stage, who are having vivid exhibition activities, as well as not yet well-known by public young artists, whose works are of no less value.

Ruslan Tremba presents two abstract paintings “Evenings at the Farm“ which were created during the plein air in Velykyi Pereviz, Poltava region. Its scenery inspired the artist by breadth of the landscape – low horizon, high endless sky – to be depicted it on the canvas. Tremba says, he wished to capture peace and quiet, which embraced everything around so far away from noises of a big city.

"Series “Evenings at the Farm“ is a part of my long-lasting project of many years “To Be Present“ or “My Realism“. Colorful glace Dutch foil makes it special. Because of almost mirror surface, in these works we can see our own reflections, we appear to be present in them, that's where the name is from. The environment where the work is located is also "present". And when we look at the painting standing against it, we can see rather realistic reflection. That’s what I call “my realism” – says the artist.

The artist Sergiy Zapadnya describes his project as follows: "“Digital Dreams” – is a project, in which I’m trying to capture some virtual sleeping self-unconscious digital substance. It has undefined varying position and is able to absorbe any information. The project is based on principle of generative art – a computer itself identifies shapes according to arranged algorithm. As a result, I am to make a decision either to accept or reject the received result.

By this project I outline new graphic and technological borders in Ukrainian art context and also a position of a person who is in relations with a machine on the doorstep of virtual reality.”

The work of Bogdan Tomashevskiy – “Drawings on asphalt” – is a fragment from the series of ten works with the common name “Short stories about everything in the world”. “Drawings on asphalt” was created in mixed technique – it’s a relief made of clay on the gray background, which resembles children chalk drawings on asphalt with “not children” themes. Each of these fragments keeps own story, subject. Looking closer at a tangle of abstract lines a spectator can notice and recognize silhouettes of faces, elements of a landscapes. All these drawings form stories of different people and reveal strange circumstances these people get into. Polina Verbytska will present the work “Figure. Woman”. This hyperrealistic sculpture features an elderly woman. The artist explains why she chooses such a subject and the way of expression: “I’m interested in a realistic genre. To be exact, creatureliness, corporeality, because for me there is no “high art” without “down to the Earth’’. I don’t understand the conceptions taken away from mundanity. Mundanity is poetry itself thanks to tireless repetition of simple and monotonous moves that join to create an exact pace of life. Work in realistic genre is especially interesting for me because of the reaction of spectators. It ranges from positive to dramatically negative, since realistic images appeal to subconscious associations. Being evoked, they arouse strong feelings and emotions.”

The project of Marina Bindich has name “Dualism” and includes four drawings made in complicated author’s technique. Watching them you can hardly believe that it’s not a print but many hours of painstaking careful work – they don’t look man-made at all. As the author explains, each work from this series means one theme: religion, nature, a work of art and a human. Every theme incarnates two meanings, which demonstrate distinction, transformation and form different point of view at common concepts.

“These themes are important not only for me. They are the fundamentals every person faces. But it’s something that can be changing all the lifelong as well, views of a person, thoughts, stances”, says Marina Bindich and explains: “Religion theme is in depiction of an icon upside down. It shows unattainability of Divine by a humane. At the same time it illustrates unwilliness of people to look at God. The people who turned their minds away, and the people who are ready to open their hearts. Theme of nature is about connection of synthetics and character. Absorption and extrusion. Theme of a work of art is revealed through display of an oil painting fragment by means of ball pen on paper. The last work is about a human – it’s a self-portrait, where the author is inside the fragment of the previous work”.

“Archaic family” of the young artist from Lviv, Volodymyr Kohut – is “the prototype banner” and also series of “images”-sketches to it. By means of mixed expressive technique the artist uses a bare canvas, acryl, oil, markers, paper, oil pastel, graffiti paint to create “general image” and to achieve the effect of connecting people through his personality as one thing they have in common. As the artist says: “The factor that you are the only person who knows all these various stories, details of private life of these people, some of whom you even don’t know and just heard some “legends”, stories about them, turns me into so-called “art-combine” that gives out a kind of mixture. Each of us has a decoder for it, all is needed to look at it through the eyes of a child, who experiences the world.”

The language of Kohut resonates with artistic expression of Jean-Michel Basquiat, but it isn't an endeavor to follow. It’s rather wish to attain the absolute in primitivism, after all, children drawings of all the residents of the Earth have something in common, and most symbols from the children art are universal and clear to everybody, doesn’t matter on which continent the authors live.

Voloshyn Gallery was founded in 2006 by spouses Max and Julia Voloshyn called Mystetska Zbirka Art Gallery. It is located in the cultural and historical center of Kyiv on the street Tereschenkivska. Voloshyn Gallery — gallery of modern and conceptual art, is a platform for artistic experimentation, research and social projects. The mission of gallery: popularization of Ukrainian art in Ukraine and abroad. Max and Julia Voloshyn actively represent Ukrainian art abroad, facilitating its integration into European cultural processes. In February 2014 Max and Julia presented the project "Ukraine. The archetype of freedom" in Vienna in cultural and exhibition center Novomatic Forum. In April 2015 at the initiative of the gallery the first Ukrainian art tour to the island of Cyprus called MAKE ART NOT WAR was organized. In 2015, Max and Julia organized the project of Ukrainian artists in New York, which took place in the Ukrainian Institute of America. During the preceding year, Voloshyn Gallery had been presenting the artists in Miami and New York and twice in Swiss Basel at SCOPE Art Show – satellite of the most prestigious world art fairs Art Basel and The Armory Show.

Max and Julia Voloshyn actively support contemporary young Ukrainian artists and collect their works. In 2015, Max and Julia entered the top 30 Ukrainian collectors according to Forbes and became the youngest in this ranking. In the same year, Max and Julia came in a rating of Ukrainian Forbes: 30 successful Ukrainian, who are younger than 30.