Voloshyn Gallery presents the personal exhibition of Illya Isupov called "Not funny". The exhibition will feature both new works created specifically for the exhibition and works by the artist from different periods of his life in various mediums: from paintings to sculptures.

Ilya Isupov is not the only artist in his family. However, Illya is most connected with contemporary art. Isupov usually works with actual topics - ironic reflections on mass culture or sarcastic statements about politics. Ilya Isupov is one of the members of Parkomuna - a squat that existed in 1989-1994 on the former street of the Paris Commune, now Mikhailovska, and became a phenomenon in the history of Ukrainian contemporary art.

Curator Ksenia Malykh about the artist: “Stylistically, Ilya Isupov in the best traditions of postmodernism mixes the aesthetics of comics, modern of the early 20th century, art brut, Soviet book illustration and much more. The artist uses his work as a way to capture the stories that take place around: personal or public. For Isupov, each work is like an entry in a diary, where all the details carry certain information."

Ilya Isupov is an Ukrainian artist, graphic artist, video artist. He was born in Vasilkiv in 1971. He graduated from High art school named after Taras Shevchenko (1988). He is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1999. He is a participant of numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. The artist's works are stored in private collections and galleries in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan. The artist's works were presented at auction by Phillips De Pury and others. Lives and works in Kyiv.