Alive Flora, Light, and Water in the Seattle Landscape, a Partnership for Youth Exhibition, is an exploration of Seattle’s urban landscape through digital photography. Created during twelve after-school sessions in March–May 2017, this collection of images showcases the city as it emerges into spring—at times blooming and verdant, at others drenched and gray.

The images presented by the seven contributing artists—all local middle and high school students—reveal an appreciation for the way nature interacts with the urban environment. Their works invite us to reflect on the simple, overlooked details that the city’s seasonal scenery offers: brilliant color, shadows and reflections, the contrasts and textures of man-made and natural materials. The exhibition registers an annual cycle of beginnings, when the sky becomes a little brighter and the earth, awash with rain, produces a new season of experiences.

Alive Flora, Light, and Water in the Seattle Landscape is organized by Negarra A. Kudumu, Manager of Public Programs, and features the work of Jaytaevius Coleman, Eleisha Cooke, Malachi Crenshaw, MK Crenshaw, Kaylia Davis, Isiah Guy, and Neicy Petite. Teaching artist Carina A. del Rosario provided instruction in digital photography, with production assistance from Adam Jabari.