Seattle has had a long and significant relationship with water. The maritime and waterfront activities associated with the region’s lakes, the Puget Sound, and Pacific Ocean have ultimately shaped what Seattle has become.

Maritime Seattle continues the 50+ year partnership between MOHAI and the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (PSMHS). Hosted in the historic bridge room of the Naval Reserve Building, the McCurdy Family Maritime Gallery features stunning views of Lake Union and its bustling world of boats, planes, paddlers, and wildlife. These modern activities are juxtaposed alongside engaging artifacts such as a working WWII-era Tang periscope with 360˚ views of the city, as well as an 1885 Fresnel Lens from the Smith Island Lighthouse.

Discover what life was like on a working waterfront in the past, and how that has changed through the years. Then test out the real, working ship’s wheel!