"Morph" is a snapshot of a resurgence of ceramic sculpture, and a re-contextualization borne of increasing celebration of clay's malleability and many cultural reference points.

Intentionally imperfect forms, unpolished surfaces, and allusions to figuration and traditional ceramic styles are all trademarks of the included artists. Elements of Art Brut hide within even sophisticated presentations. Each artist works in multiple media, signaling that ceramic is no one's red-headed step-sister.

The artists in "Morph" paint expressionistically with glaze, weave in hair, inlay surfaces, squash perfect forms, recombine tchotchkes, and subvert genres heedless of strict boundaries. Like the namesake British TV character, a staple of 1970's children's television and claymation icon, the artists in "Morph" twist this famously moldable material into conceptual and visual pretzels - much to our delight.