"Want," an exhibition of new sculpture by Robert Kinmont, will be on view in Alexander and Bonin's lower level gallery. Kinmont grew up in the desert near Bishop, CA and has lived most of his adult life in northern California.

These rural environments have provided the practical and conceptual foundation for his work, exemplified by his recurrent use of commonplace and natural materials such as wood, pine, and dirt. Kinmont uses these modest materials to explore the relationship between the environment and his own body and life. In his latest work, copper serves as the primary medium, a material Kinmont describes as “warm and friendly” and “malleable in a way that is physical and approachable for the viewer.”

Additionally, several works incorporate cursive scripts, the contents of which introduce family and domestic themes. The first Bay Area retrospective of his work, "Robert Kinmont: Trying to understand where I grew up," was presented at di Rosa, Napa in 2015.