This exhibition on the development of architectural photography from its inception to the present day has been made possible thanks to the rich bibliographic and documentary materials in the Archivio del ‘900.

It takes us from initial mastery of the new technique of photography in the late 19th century, through the historical avant-garde movements of the early 20th century, when architectural photographers forged unique creative and subjective modes of expression, and on into the most recent years as photographers expanded their vision to contemplate how the building relates to its natural or urban setting.

Building With Light presents an exhibition itinerary ranging from Edizioni Alinari all the way to the work of Gabriele Basilico, passing by way of Lucia Moholy, George Everard Kidder Smith, Fulvio Roiter, Ugo Mulas and Cesare Colombo. There is also a selection of photographs by Sergio Perdomi and Studio Pedrotti illustrating civil and industrial architecture in the Trentino region.

The materials bring out the fundamental role played by photography, presented in illustrated magazines and other publications, in communicating the work of architects as well as the aesthetic ideologies and expressive idioms pioneered by the various architectural movements.