Veronica Bailey is a British Fine Art photographer based in London, specialising in visiting archives and producing photographic series with emphasis on conceptual thinking and historical narrative. Her work continues to explore nostalgia for the threatened forms of human communication and knowledge dissemination and the lure of traditional forms of paper and script in a monotonously digitized age.

In her photographs Bailey works with everyday life objects, which have been carefully arranged. Books and letters are composed in ways that seem to resemble sculptures of geometrical forms. Sometimes traces of text are visible, but the context of the works remains enigmatic. The viewer has to reflect on the photographs in order to find a personal way of interpreting the works.

Bernheimer Fine art is showing a selection from her following series: In 2003 Bailey won the Jerwood Photography Award for the 2 Willow Road Series featuring the abstract photographs of books from the National Trust library of the modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger and his wife Ursula Blackwell.

Postscript series 2005, documents a small but revealing archive of letters and telegrams (1937 –1945) written by model/muse/photographer Lee Miller during her years as US war correspondent in World War II and British Surrealist artist Roland Penrose (1900-1984) prior to their marriage in 1947.

Hours of Devotion & Shelf Life series 2007 delves into the Coutts bank staff library on the Strand producing monumental works inspired by 19th century bookbinding and philanthropist Angela Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906).

The Modern Myths series featuring newspapers, highlighting the visual language between human nature, war, money and power in the media.

Veronica Bailey was featured in several solo shows in UK, USA, Korea, Canada, Germany.

Her Postscript series is represented in the Victoria & Albert Museum London and other UK and international Collections.