The exhibition explores a grouping of original and multiple works from Post War thru today’s emerging art scene, highlighting similarities that bind ideas together as recognizable symbols over the course of 50+ years.

The work is curated to represent one continuing narrative. Artists who stand as iconic; memorable, not just foot notes in art history tend to come out of a war time settings. Time & Place explores the question "What will todays artists make of present changes around them? What will they reflect on?; within a very different world setting; political climate, world conflict, and a complete reprisal of events as they relate to what it means to be apart of the human experience. What visual works are worth leaving behind to represent this moment in our history, contrasting objects that were left behind by artists in the past who explored this same need to create a marker as historical expression.

The Exhibition represents works as far back as Jasper John’s 1967 Watchman, the highly important political refuges, pair: Komar & Melamid, painting titled Skyscraper, Robert Rauschenberg’s Untitled 2007 painting, one of the very last he painted before passing in early 2008. Among other works by Emerging Artists Jason Seife, Nick Gentry, Ashley Oubré, Peter Combe, Michal Mráz, Ben Sack, Andy Denzler, Anthony Lister, Olek and more.