Call–and-response exemplifies a vocal, often lyrical framework in which an initial statement is made, then responded to by another person or group. The format can be found across contexts, from athletic team chants and public demonstrations, to religious rituals and musical compositions.

At its core, the term indicates a form of communication, an exchange of ideas between individuals, systems and institutions. This selection of newly acquired works interprets call–and-response visually to describe the creative process, in which artists produce work that creates dialogue with formal, social, political and environmental stimuli.

The Bass, Miami Beach’s contemporary art museum, is committed to exhibiting and collecting work by international contemporary artists that define, explore and question our place and time. These artists’ projects take many forms, from major installations to public sculpture, that span generations and media. The following works on view reflect the artists’ diverse approaches to creative discourse, from manipulating language, appropriating pop culture and current events, to negotiating with form and public space.