Jacob Lewis Gallery is pleased to present Infinite Moments, an exhibition of new work by identical twins Raoul and Davide Perré, better known by the moniker How and Nosm. This is the artists’ second exhibition with Jacob Lewis Gallery, on view from February 24–April 1, 2017, with an opening reception February 23, 6-8pm.

Infinite Moments is a series of new paintings and works on paper that explores memory, perception and the passage of time. The paradoxical title refers to the endless impression transient moments mark in our memories. The artists create a pictorial and conceptual link between these moments and the seasons, both fleeting in nature. With meticulous detail, How and Nosm freeze narratives, fractioning and expanding every second, to record specific light, smells, sounds—the feel of a blanket, the clothing people wore, the words that were spoken.

Expanding upon thematic elements of the Futurist movement, cacophonous layers of line work sit atop atmospheric landscapes in the twins’ signature palette of black, white and shades of red. Over time memories are obscured by new information and, on a broader scale, technological developments distort our sense of reality. The paintings make permanent that which is ephemeral using a lexicon of symbols and motifs such as fish, flowers, arrows and machinery, which the artists have honed over the course of their prolific collaboration.