Anglim Gilbert Gallery is pleased to present My Own Lost Romance, a solo exhibition of new work by Jacob Hashimoto.

Over the past twenty years, Jacob Hashimoto has refined his innovative artistic form that draws from Western traditions of painting and sculpture, the modular language of the digital age, and centuries-old techniques of construction in Japan. Like paper constructions of holograms, his sculptures live in open space with hundreds of kite-like elements floating over one another, allowing the eye and our 3-d perception to integrate surface and depth. Hashimoto’s shapes, graphics and colors blend in an experience that brings light through and around his myriad small paper discs.

The installation Gas Giant Fragments and Silence, an immersive installation of hanging paper, string and bamboo elements, will float through the gallery space, an ethereal cloud of color and volume. Shown at LA MOCA’s Pacific Design Center galleries, this mutable sculpture will travel on to the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in Finland. Hashimoto allows the work to occupy large spaces differently with each presentation, assuming a new life each time, a moving gaseous volume of layered pixels. The artist’s forms occupied the galleries of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice during the 2013 Venice Biennale, and a new work will be shown in the Palazzo Flangini during this year’s Biennale.

Hashimoto addresses the multiple influences in his work and the way the sculptures function as metaphoric databases, receptacles for memory:

“… truth be told you could also talk about hippy culture and the Pacific Northwest of these kites. It’s really a marker, for me it’s a marker of optimism… there’s a child-like quality and a sense of nostalgia… there’s also something about loss (and the loss of the culture of those kinds of games) and the connection to nature (we don’t have anymore)….”

Since graduating from the Art Institute of Chicago, Hashimoto lived and worked in Italy, launching his career through Verona’s Studio La Cittá and important European collections. New individual wall compositions, like floating paintings, will be a feature of his exhibition at the gallery.

The exhibition will take place at Anglim Gilbert Gallery’s space at Minnesota Street Project in the Dogpatch arts district of San Francisco.