The Galerie Xippas is delighted to present an exhibition by the Argentinian artist Pablo Siquier. On this occasion, he will show a set of five paintings and two wall pieces.

Pablo Siquier comes from a generation who emerged in Buenos Aires at the end of the military dictature. However, his artistic practice evolves out of any context or historical

interpretation. His black lines unfold like a maze to create a composition balancing between chaos and structure. The visitors get dragged in these geometric and hypnotic shapes. Some of them recognize the rhythm of the cities, others a sketch of our mental space. Pablo Siquier doesn’t give any answer. He only mentions the silence radiating from his work.

Since the beginning of his career, he questionned himself about the complexity and the limits set by relations between individuals, shapes and ideas. His fascination shows through his artistic process. It is ruled by a constant swing and confrontation between objective precision of his composition, executed on computer and an approximate

realisation, by a show of hands. This paradox colonizes his entire practice. The immutable bichromy of his paintings and the symetry/asymmetry rules are one proof of it. His working environement is dictated by laws that gives it a radical caracter.

Pablo Siquier presents in Geneva five paintings and two mural installations. They are all part of the Black and White Series : a white shape on a white background, which is only visible by the projection of its own shadow.

Pablo Siquier was born in 1961 in Buenos Aires Argentina, where he lives and works. He first got noticed with his monumental murals and installations. We could mention, his

mural at the Carlos Pellegrini, metro B in Buenos Aires and more recently at the Cultural Center San Martin General Puerto Madero. In 2004, for the 26th Sao Paulo Biennale, he showed his work at the Villa Niemeyer as the Argentian representative. For a couple of years, he integrated major Museum collection, such as the argentinian National Fine Art Museum or the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Pablo Siquier had solo shows in both of these institutions, respectively in 1997 and 2005.