From March 15th to April 30th, Magda Danysz gallery is pleased to present exclusive and never seen artworks by American artist Marion Peck, in a unique solo show in Paris.

Marion Peck is a leading artist of the Low Brow art / Pop surrealism movement. As Such, she has been frequently invited to present her art in renowned museums and galleries. With her bright color palette, associated to her perfect technics, peck's oil artworks seem to be a heiress of Italian Renaissance paintings. Her latest artworks are full of fantasy, dreamed landscapes inhabited by circus creatures, fluffy characters or noble ladies. peck's recently shared: "If there is a narrative to emerge from my paintings, I hope it would be just like a very short poem".

With this new show, Magda Danysz demonstrates once again her commitment initiated many years to the low brow art and pop surrealism movement. Magda Danysz has been one of the first galleries in France to present leading artists such as Mark Ryden, Ray Ceasar, or the Clayton Brother.