Clear Edition & Gallery is proud to announce, one of the most prominent of his generation, Korean designer Kwangho Lee’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Currently based in Seoul, Kwangho has been exhibiting his works world-wide after graduating from the fine arts department of Hongik University. Lee’s inspirations derive from his childhood encounters with the hand made tools by his grand father whom lived in the country side. It was a necessity for Lee to focus on works made directly by his own hands.

The idea of one of his most well-known series,“Knot – Beyond the Inevitable“ came from the knit works of Lee’s mother. A single electric cord / wire is knitted into a shade as a hanging lamp, or onto a wood or metal base giving birth to a standing lamp with a distinct organic form created from an extremely industrial material. A new series of experimental works will be exhibited in this solo show. With the usage of the same knitting technique Lee has made a series of furniture made from garden hoses, which he refers to as the“Obsession“ series.

The“Skin, enameled copper” series, is a newer venture compared to the “Knot -” and “Obsession“. A technique similar to cloisonné gives rich expression to the surfaces of the copper based stools, cabinets, shelves, and tables heated and finished in the Kiln. In contrast to the vigorous procedures of welding and heating, the outcome of the work is full of detailed beauty and the touch of nature.

The title of this exhibition “Medium“ comes from the various mediums Lee uses for his works, and the size “medium“ which most of his works will be this time. From industrial materials to traditional techniques, Kwangho Lee uses various mediums for his works. The common factor to all of Lee’s work is his knowledge and interpretation of the material he uses, and the confidence of the uniqueness he can portray through his works.

We would like to look back into the basic factors of “design”( knowing the materials and creating by ones own hands), once more re-thinking the broad possibilities and boundaries that the word“design“ has through the works of Lee’s, full with intuitive beauty transcending function.

Kwangho Lee born in Korea, 1981 currently lives and works in Seoul Korea. 2007 BA, Hongik University Fine Arts Department of Metal Art & Design.

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