The Formula of 42 K is a reference to the rapid assembly crane that will be temporarily brought to Galleria Doris Ghetta in December 2015, making the ground floor of the gallery into an artists’ construction site. A team of five of the gallery’s artists will work around this bulky installation: Robert Bosisio, Aron Demetz, Arnold Holzknecht, Walter Moroder and Peter Senoner. Around the giant sleeping crane, the artists will bring an equally invasive and constructive metaphor into the gallery’s exhibition space, setting up an artistic construction site that is all about improvisation, spontaneity, playfulness and changeability.

The five artists will work temporarily as a team: in the centre of the playing field, dominated by sincerity and structure, there will not be the individual artists’ works, but dialogue, experiments and shared artistic relationships. While the gallery’s exhibitions normally focus on the particular forms of expression used by an individual artist, on the strategies and methods particular to that artist, and on a specific, unmistakable style, collective action opens the way to an artistic construction site promising Mondays full of surprises, with spontaneous artistic overlapping.

The key is dialogue, forming a relationship; not the completed work, but the incomplete, that which is becoming, that which is yet to come; not what has been made, but the process of making itself, the way of doing things that leads to creation of something new. The imposing presence of the crane shifts the focus from the work of art to the event, and is above all a reference to the gallery that has hosted the individuals in the collective one by one, offering its exhibition space for their own personal production: a space that is always full of energy and focused on permanent reconstruction. In this spirit, the artists have come up with this dedication to their gallery, which takes the form of a work team rather than a group exhibition, on the basis of the motto: more improvisation and less scores.

Text by Marion Piffer Damiani