Contemporary Art Gallery and Peep-Hole, Milan present the first solo show in Italy by Canadian artist Liz Magor, as the sixth installment in the long-term project Six Ways to Sunday.

One of the most celebrated and influential Canadian artists of her generation, Liz Magor probes the themes of everyday life and consumer culture and blends them with an idealistic vision of nature, putting ordinary household objects into unexpected contexts. Since the mid-Seventies, Magor has created a vast body of work in sculpture and photography: from her earliest pieces, machines that automatically processed and generated sculptural forms, to her photo series of the early Nineties, documenting historical reenactment groups.

It was in the Eighties that she began to focus on the social and emotional life of objects as vessels for stories and identities, whether private and individual or collective. Her series of works that employ various fabrics, such as heavy wool blankets and used clothing, investigate the ontology of familiar items.

This recurring element in Magor’s practice serves as a point of departure for the project presented at Peep-Hole, built around a selection of recent works and other pieces specifically made for the occasion, which also contain echoes of the Arte Povera movement. The exhibition presents works such as Magor’s blankets and sculptures made from fabric samples, garments and labels, examples of what she calls “serviceable objects”, which she explores as bodies laden with symbolic meaning, capable of evoking shared associations.

The exhibition is a partnership between CAG, Vancouver, Peep-Hole, Milan and Centre d'art contemporain d'Ivry - le Crédac, France where an expanded version will be presented in autumn 2016.

The exhibition is generously supported by the Liz Magor Circle of Friends: Rick Erickson & Donna Partridge, Henning and Brigitte Freybe, Joe Friday, Sue and Bill Kidd, Suzie Kololian, Julia and Gilles Ouellette, Lisa & Terry Turner, Nada Vuksic and Bruce Wright.