Both artists possess an incredible range of subject material & technical skill within their works. Each artist is also not afraid to explore other avenues of creativity and subjects within their paintings.

Jeff Wigman's images play in the gap where vision and thought mix and expand into narrative. They are conventional—pulled from video, archival photos, or harvested from the web. Yet by the choices and treatment, they point to the uncanny and groundless nature of arising altogether. Plucked out of time, they are wordless emblems of that groundlessness. Nevertheless, there is affection and wonder for what arose.

Jon Gernon's new paintings & drawings delve into the world of still lives & figures which are occupied by insects, birds, exotic flowers, and figures with a nod to the history of art. The work is crafted in his meticulous technique of egg tempera & oil glazing and watercolor & colored pencil drawings. The paintings are vivid, dreamy, and play with ideas inspired by the history of art from the Renaissance period to 19th century Romantiscism and Luminism artists & Illustrators. Jon takes mundane objects and everyday situations and brings a magic realism to them.