Please join us on Friday March 27 from 6-9pm as we open the exhibition - "Beyond Our pathways: Nature In Layers" - Janice Anthony & Gordana Vukovic

Janice Anthony & Gordana Vukovic bring together works that find beauty in the ordinary and make you become part of the place which they are representing.

Vukovic's works are layers of paints and dyes, textiles and fibers and ever evolving while Anthony's paintings show you the affection for the otherness of the natural world through the intersection of brush onto canvas.

For Janice Anthony the magic of the landscape is that it is actually a parallel world to that of humankind.

"I am delighted when I find a place that is perfect in its wholeness, clearly a world apart, that requires nothing of me, and that offers me nothing but a vision of its self-sufficiency."

Anthony doesn't want to be merely in a place that exists outside and beyond her, she want 's to become that place.

Layering is at the core of Gordana Vukovics fiber and mixed-media art. With the layers of images and marks, she conveys the feelings and moods through color and texture.

"My art is experimental and ever evolving. What is constant is my focus on finding beauty in the ordinary. My interest gravitates toward objects with imperfections, transformed by age, and usually unnoticed."