Summer exhibition featuring a selection of works by artists represented by Alecrim50, or artists that have collaborated with the gallery in past exhibitions: Painting (André Almeida e Sousa, Hugo Bernardo, Paulo Quintas, Tomás Cunha Ferreira), Drawing (Bela Silva, Inês Favila, João Decq, Luís Silveirinha), Photography (Rui Dias Monteiro) and sculpture (Bela Silva).In the heart of the works, presented at Wanderlust, is the desire to travel, to discover not only a place but also to discover ourselves, either a long journey to a far away destination or a short holiday trip. In either case the unknown destination attracts us in such a way that compels us to search.

The exhibition is presented in two groups. The first revolves around a meal or a party: a table cloth laid over a table, a knife, many ceramic vases and pots, but also a window from where we can look through in to the open, or guess what is on the other side;

The second part presents us the human figure, individually or as a group, they could be on a beach or any other distant location, walking, thinking, feeling, here or in any other place of our imagination.

From the distance a chameleon observes, in constant transformation with the reflection of light and shine.