Visio Dell’Arte – New York and Max Laniado are pleased to present Summer Shows 2015, a cycle of exhibitions featuring a selection of recent masterpieces and new never-seen-before artworks by 12 exclusive contemporary artists.

For over ten years, Rasikh Akhmetvaliev, Anatoly Burykin, Kaloon Chhour, Cosmina, Nicolae Ene, Anik Legoupil, Héléne Modébadzé, Olivier Valli and Petre Velicu have been acclaimed and recognized by collectors worldwide for their unique styles and artistic vision. Allying unique creativity, absolute mastery of their art, spirituality and a sense of beauty and harmony, these artists continue their formidable ascension on the world art scene. At the same time, Max Laniado will show new artworks by three of his more recent discoveries, Jeff Bortniker, De Séguin and Vanessa Longo.

All the artists supported by Visio Dell’Arte have been carefully selected amongst thousands for their unique and exceptional talent. They are promised to great future in art history, which they are already enriching with their unique masterpieces and their visionary approach.

Summer Shows 2015 celebrates these artists and the fruitful history of Max Laniado’s Visio Dell’Arte Galleries, which began with his Paris gallery in 2007 and expanded to New York. For over eight years they have acquired recognition and legitimacy from art experts, the press and above all, the public of well-informed and discerning collectors.

My aim is for the Visio Dell’Arte gallery to open its doors to all publics, buyers or not, we all share our love for art. All art enthusiasts contribute to the fame of artists as much as buyers will legitimize the fast increasing value of their works. – Max Laniado-