De Rerum Natura is Barbara Paci's exhibition project for the summer 2015: it is divided in two big shows ( the first, opening on July the 4th, will be the solo exhibition of Andrea Collesano, entitled Supra Terram, while on July the 25th it will open the second one, entitled Infra Terram, realised by the Romanian origins artist Lia Pascaniuc and by the Florentine Michelangelo Bastiani); the central theme of the Exhibition will be Nature and its safeguarding by the point of view of tutelage, of eco-­sustainability and ?lora and fauna protection, nowadays so in danger, exploited or in extinction. These themes are, since always, the basis of the artistic research of these three artists involved, and both for us and for the project curator, Enrico Mattei, such themes represent a personal interest, more than a simply compassion or a temporary enthusiasm for very popular themes. We wished to offer you a new way to share a masterpieces exhibition and an artistic project: making you aware, both at aesthetic and ethics level, that Nature and the marvellous living being populating it, above the ground and under the seas, are our unique, extraordinary last hope for a better life and a better world.

The Contest

So we did something more: we involved five NGOs active in environment protection, recognised and respected at international level for their effort in protecting animals and environment, asking them to participate in a Contest where you are protagonist. Sea Shepherd, Save the Dogs, A.N.P.A.N.A, African Parks e Il Rifugio degli Asinelli: inform you about their work and visit their websites to vote, with a “LIKE” on our FB page, on Instagram or just by emailing us, one of these five NGOs you think that deserves a congruent, we hope, monetary donation that the Galleria will devolve to the winner, thanks to the founds obtained by the merchandising of three design objects ( sleeve for Laptop, Ipad and Smartphone) created for the occasion in limited edition by the Mexican Design Studio “ Paper and Grass” by using recycled paper of concrete boxes.