The gallery Paci contemporary is glad to announce “The Theory of the Opposites”, Group Show focused on the artists Nicola Civiero and Nicola Evangelisti. The exhibition will be the occasion to admire their works which, even if referred to different fields, are put together in a creative dialog with a strong impact on the viewer.

Nicola Civiero’s artistic conception, totally open and free from any restriction, is based on intense considerations of the catholic-Christian religion, deeply studied by the artist himself in both its historical and theological shades. Photography is for him an effective instrument to underline the symbols and all the conceptions related to the demystification of the doubt as a way to get the final truth. The peculiarity of his works appears not only on the conceptual level, but mostly on the technical one: as a matter of fact, Civiero creates objects, sculptures and installations or mechanisms that symbolize his personal artistic belief in order to photograph and assemble them later on unusual and three-dimensional supports.

Totally different form such a creative process is Nicola Evangelisti’s creative idea: he creates his own works combining art and science and focusing especially on the analysis of the relation between light and space. Light, as essence of matter, is the authentic protagonist of his production: not more eternalized in the work but created by the work itself. On view in this exhibition there will also be the suggestive lighting installation Earth Light, a kind of light-blade crossed by an iridescent thunder. It’s actually an intervention aimed to create a dialog between past and present but also an ideal continuation between internal and external.