Fuglen - translated ‘The Bird’ - is a multifaceted space that consists of a world-renowned coffee bar, cocktail bar and a showroom displaying mainly Norwegian mid century design. Open for business since 1963, Fuglen preserves one of the most prominent and longest-lasting heritages in Oslo's coffee scene and serves as a hub for Norwegian architecture and design.

Norwegian Icons was developed from the Fuglen platform and the intention behind it is to raise international awareness of Norway’s significant contribution to Scandinavian Mid-Century modern design, alongside those of Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Norwegian Icons tells the story of Norway’s design history through a series of exhibitions and catalogues.

Artists & Designers

Torbjørn Afdal
Sevrin Brørby
Birger Dahl
Willy Johansson
Arne Jon Jutrem
Fredrik Kayser
Grete Prytz Kittelsen
Arne Lindaas
Tone Vigeland
Bendt Winge