Anna Zorina Gallery is pleased to present the group show FACES featuring works by Bradley Hart, Alexander Kaletski, Micha Patiniott and Hans Scheib. The artists in the exhibition explore the vast plane of portraiture through different approaches yet with the same dedicated curiosity. The drawings, paintings and sculptures feature a sense of unique complexity through experimental elements of form, material and mark-making. The international roster explores culture through capturing a glimpse of personality essential to both iconic and everyday figures. The artists all represent elements of abstraction, memory, and social commentary as a means to catalyze empathy and introspection.

Bradley Hart transforms bubble wrap into pixelated photorealistic paintings. The common material typically used to protect artworks now takes the forefront and is endowed with vibrant life. Hart, a Toronto native, is based in New York City and has exhibited his works in galleries and fairs throughout the United States and Canada. His work is featured in private collections in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, London, Germany, and Italy.

Alexander Kaletski, originally from Soviet Russia, moved to New York City 40 years ago and started painting the local personalities of his new home on unusual supports such as cardboard boxes and burlap. His works are represented in international public and private collections including the Claryville Art Center in New York, the Caldic Collection in the Netherlands, the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Collection in California, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk.

Micha Patiniott captures in his paintings an enigmatic mix of contrasting themes, such as intention and passivity, which result in unlimited interpretations. Although distorted or surreal, the paintings maintain a sense of familiarity. Patiniott has received multiple grants and fellowships, including the Louise Bourgeois Fellowship and the Mondriaan Foundation stipend. He was awarded a two-year residency at the prestigious Rijksakademie for Visual Arts Amsterdam during 2006-2007. His work is in numerous collections including the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Arthema Foundation, Bouwfonds Collection and the Eneco Collection.

Hans Scheib lives and works in Berlin. His wooden sculptures are characterized by a sensuality that he evokes from the material. Each figure portrays a unique biography and personality through the interaction between color and form. His works are included in prestigious public and private collections internationally including the Museum of Modern Art, Berlin; the Albertinum, Dresden; the Grassi Museum, and the National Art Museum of China, Beijing. He is the recipient of the Supporting Award for the Arts from the Academy of Arts, Berlin in 1995; the Bautzen Award for Fine Arts in 2005, and Egmont Schaefer Award for drawing in 2014.