Paris. What to say about this enchanting city? Where to start? A spiritual home for the artists. The City of lights which captures you in its embrace at your first step there. The city of an open heart. A cradle of culture, art, romance, fashion and a good vine.

For decades, Paris hypnotizes its visitors by its sights and monuments but it still doesn’t lose its popularity which makes it one of the most visited destinations worldwide!

The first association when we think of Paris is certainly-The Eiffel Tower, moreover it is a symbol of the city. I was lucky since I visited the astonishing city in November, so I didn’t have to wait too long in order to buy tickets. As regarding Eiffel Tower I waited only an hour, so if you are visiting Paris in summertime, besides a good mood you’ll have to take a great deal of patience with you. Anyway, I suggest you to visit Paris in autumn, at that time city has some special charm. The view from the top of the tower truly takes breath away, enlightens both mind and soul. Even though Paris always seemed to be something unreachable for me, from the top of the tower I just had the feeling I have whole city on my palm. It seemed to be so tiny but still magnificent. You can enjoy sipping champagne while overlooking the city and dreaming about it from the top. It is interesting, at first, the residents considered the tower to be just an ordinary iron building, but they changed their minds soon. The tower simply leaves nobody indifferent. The peculiarity of Paris are wide avenues, museums, squares, parks, night clubs and eye catching city quarts as well. Avenue des Champs-Élysées represents one of the most beautiful and prestigious avenues and just around the corner, at the very end of the avenue, stands still the majestic Napoleon’s Triumphal Arch.

Palais du Louvre - the magnificent place where you will witness art dating back to ancient times. If you are a passionate lover of the great artistic geniuses or are just curious to see the famous Mona Lisa, which has raised so much dust behind, the Louvre is the place for you. Besides the Mona Lisa, you'll see another monuments of ancient civilization- the first document written in hieroglyphs, mummies etc. After you’re done with browsing, you’ll spend at least half an hour looking for the exit in the labyrinth of masterpieces. Apart from incomparable Louvre, you can’t leave Paris without visiting Orsay museum. Another must see place while in Paris is Chateu du Versailles. The grandiose Palace is a testimony of the Sun King’s extravaganza. Dedicate a little bit of your attention to this exceptional castle, not to mention its divine Europe’s largest garden. You won’t regret it, I assure you. In there you will experience a real time travel while listening to your guide and admiring Versailles rooms especially The Hall of Mirrors. If your time and budget allows you, I also suggest visiting the nearby Disneyland.

Narrow streets, antique houses, paintings, bistros, a refuge for the artist, an outdoor museum, one word-Montmartre. This place keeps the secrets of Van Gogh, Renoir and many more. While your look is wandering around, you can’t help to notice a divine guardian of the city, a church Sacre Coeur-the highest point of Paris after the Eiffel Tower. It is situated right on this bohemian part of the city and is dedicated to Jesus Christ. From its stairway, you can enjoy in the most fascinating city view. If you are a party lover, you’d definitely like Moulin Rouge, that is, the world famous cabaret. At the same place Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf had their performances.

People admire Paris the way they did hundreds years ago. Indeed, it has some kind of magic that never fades away. I will go on many, many journeys but none of them will make me feel like Paris did.

P.S. Once in Paris, you may want to close the curtains because the city of lights never sleeps