“Their world was soft like melancholy. The conversation was silent. Their faces were small and round, incapable of invoking fear. Once the door was open, nothing could be unseen.” – Kathie Olivas

AFA Gallery of SoHo opens an exhibition of 20 original works and 16 sculptures by Kathie Olivas, entitled Safe From Tomorrow. The show will be on view December 3rd – January 31st.

The series of works is inspired by early American portraiture and what Olivas imagines as the ethers of which all abstract thought comes to fruition. Naive and eerie, the depictions are reminiscent of the dreamlike state where reality is not questioned. Fear is abandoned for the sake of curiosity. Lonely little girls develop their own protective armor often borrowed from spirit animals and imaginary friends. They are their own protectors and manifestors of tomorrow.

Kathie Olivas is a multi-media artist who resides in Albuquerque, NM with her husband and fellow artist Brandt Peters. They are the founding members of the international artist collective Circus Posterus. The couple also owns and operates Stranger Factory, a contemporary art gallery that focuses on narrative arts and character design.