We are pleased to present our latest exhibition in a series of new curated themes, exploring the art of landscapes and chemistry between urban and rural settings. This brand new exhibition concept aims to raise debate as to what we see as Landscapes and how the differing environments from natural to man-made influence and affect our perceptions and emotions towards the real and portrayed world. We are delighted to welcome artists from all over the world in our inaugural Landscapes. Rural vs Urban including representatives from Japan, Brazil, Finland and Poland to Sussex, Norfolk, Yorkshire and London in the UK. This exciting collective of artists shows a range of techniques from naturalistic paintings by Sally Wyatt to emotive monochrome paintings by Akihito Takuma, alongside surreal photographs by Marek Emczek Olszewski to epic and monumental landscape photographs by Kimmo Savolainen and evocative cloudscapes by Janice Alamanou. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to rediscover the art of Landscapes for the 21st Century in a truly eclectic display.

Featured artists:

Akihito Takuma (from Japan) finishes her works one at a time by using brush of 2 meters in width, before the oil paint is dry, from top to bottom. Even on a small painting, the control in every nook and corner of the canvas is impossible in this way. Akihito thinks that we have to cherish the part that can not be managed and to cherish the balance of what does not appear or appear. Her work is created in order to be released from dichotomy of East and West, vertical and horizontal, white and black. Akihito hopes that you will feel the bare balance of escape from the system, or escape from the dichotomy between the two.

Carcazan (from London) is an artist who works in a variety of media, particularly oils, watercolours and mixed media. Developing a recent interest in photography thanks to the gift of a camera from an ultimate love, Carcazan aims to capture the detail and destiny of each image. In this exhibition we see the artist keeping close to places of home and work, focused on a stronger 'nature' theme in her portrayal of a close-up element of urbanised London with 'Angel' compared to the Richmond Park, works symbolising the oases of landscape which exist within an essentially urbanised region. The concept is comparing the truly rural with the comment that urbanisation seeks to in fact replicate or emulate it when given the chance.

Janice Alamanou (from Norfolk, Uk) began photography at an early age along the shores of the Norfolk coast, UK. She is a self taught photographer but through her work is now a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photography. She now exhibits in Norfolk and London, in Florence, Italy at the Galleria d’Arte Mentana and was included in the International Art Fair in Innsbruck, Austria, and the Triennial exhibition of Visual Arts in Rome. Her work is predominantly fine art landscape photography both pure images and digital art. The ‘Cloudline’ series on display are pure images with no effects or alterations to the image. They are captured as she made her way alone to the top of the Austrian Alps, the cloud swirling below. This series was also picked by the scientific committee at La Sapienza to exhibit in Rome this year. They are Janice’s first series to capture above the ‘cloudline’ landscape.

Jukka Hirvonen (from Finland) exhibits ‘Observations’ the inspiration for these works comes from the artist´s relationship and variable emotions towards the environment and others at the present moment. The work mode changes slowly and endlessly, without knowing exactly to where or why and that for her is the interesting part. She build’s the picture little by little using primitive, abstract, expressive and quick observations together with recognizable objects as an symbolic fragments or elements.

Kimmo Savolainen (from Finland) loves exploring new places and for that reason her work is not from one specific area or location, but rather a collection of personal views of the world from her travels. Kimmo finds that too many people use their lives being oblivious to everything around them. She feels she has already accomplished something more if even a few people find something to think about in her photography and, furthermore, to have played a small part in making people appreciate much more the life and views that surround them. To her the world is beautiful.

Lucy Fiona Morrison (from West Yorkshire, UK) showcases dramatic and atmospheric views of West Yorkshire in this latest series of oil paintings. Inviting the audience to immerse themselves into the landscape, Lucy offers uninhabited views that capture the wonder and fleeting moments of nature. Combinations of linseed or poppy seed oil mean Lucy is able to build up the canvas thinly, producing movement and depth within each canvas. Lucy is a Yorkshire Artist and Painter who specialises in the making of large scale canvases which present British landscapes, especially those surrounding West Yorkshire. After studying at Norwich School of Art she continues her career in the North of England. Lucy’s paintings are held in private collections nationally. A permanent collection of paintings can be viewed in Bevelo Gallery, Wakefield.

Marek Emczek Olszewski (originally from Poland) Moved to London in 2006. Marek studied Film Production at Silesian University in Katowice (Poland) and Photography at RACC in Richmond upon Thames. Marek has exhibited in London, Brighton, Brussels, Toulouse, Barcelona and Poland. His portraits have been auctioned at Art For Youth London in November 2013 alongside Tracy Emin and Ken Howard OBE. Marek has made a name from capturing snap shots of contemporary life as he moves about his world, stepping and stopping to find his treasures. He is particularly interested in shadows, silhouettes and reflections as they bounce life straight back at you. His work is simple, cut very neatly. He is very noted for his capturing of strong and vibrant colours which are present in everyday life. A run of the mill moment when captured by him can show today’s most agreed upon philosophy: it is really how you look at something which determines whether or not you see beauty and positivity. The titles Marek gives his works illustrate why he takes a particular shot. But, each piece of work means something different to each new beholder and therein lies the beauty of his work. Many have said ‘they are like paintings’ so without trying he is producing something illusory and captivating.

Renato Palmuti (from Brazil) is a watercolor artist , Illustrator and Art director. Currently a member of the Brazilian Watercolor Association with some prizes in Art Salons like Arceburgo and Bunkyo in Sao Paulo and participation in international exhibitions in Maccagno – Italy and the X Bienal de la Aquarela in Mexico. Renato explores the light in cityscapes and landscapes, as well as working with living models. Since 2012 he’s been a watercolor teacher at Sala Ilustrada, a modern school of art in Sao Paulo.

Sally Wyatt (from West Sussex, UK) is a figurative painter who has recently been working in Poland and China. Sally wanted to look at the nature of dark tourism in the 21st century asking whether it is pre-knowledge of a history of a place or the place itself that determines our emotions. Her most recent works are of Las Vegas and Auschwitz sometimes merging the two together.

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