Kate Oh Gallery

Kate Oh Gallery

The Kate Oh gallery is an exhibition space located on the Upper East Side of New York City. The gallery exhibits original artwork and also offers a selection of secondary pieces for sale. Kate Oh Gallery exhibits the work of selected creative from across all fields, including, but not limited to: painters, performers, and musicians. Practising artists specializing in any media form are invited to contact the gallery to exhibit their work.
New York, United States
Founded in




Kwan Jin Oh, Emptying and Filling. Courtesy of Kate Oh Gallery
Shin Meekyung, UES Minhwa Exhibition. Courtesy of Kate Oh Gallery
Ha Jaeyell
Park Doo
Nancy Prager. Courtesy of Kate oh Gallery
Nancy Prager. Courtesy of Kate oh Gallery
Laura Moquera
Linda Schmidt
Katherine Ryals
Kim Gyoung Min, You & me, 60x30x110cm, Painted on bronze, 2020, edition 5
Kim Gyoung Min, Baseball family, Acrylic on bronze, 22x30x35cm (mom), 32x29x54.cm (dad)
Kim Gyoung Min, Peace of mind, 20x20x62cm, Acrylic on bronze, 2021
"Flame-Embracing Nature, No. 2206-1" & "Flame-Embracing Nature, No. 2206-2", 2022, Korean Paper (Hanji), Mixed Media
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