James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery

James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery

Established in 1996, the James Yarosh Associates Gallery in Holmdel, New Jersey, was founded upon and remains loyal to its vision: to represent fine art for art’s sake and to curate gallery collections and thoughtfully present art and interior design specification with an artist’s eye and understanding. Yarosh, an artist and well-published interior designer, offers a full-scale gallery and design centre where clients can associate with other like-minded individuals located just one hour outside Manhattan.
Holmdel, United States

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Miriam Beerman, Flame, 1999, 68in x 67in, oil on canvas
Miriam Beerman, The Plagues (River of Blood) 1986, 98in x 63in
Miriam Beerman, Shower II, 1999, 68in x 60in, oil on canvas, Mixed Media
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