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Olga Alcaraz Sendra

Doctor in physics and professor in the Physics department of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and member of the University Research Institute for Sustainability Science and Technology of the same university. She teaches in two areas: physics and sustainability. She currently coordinates the Master’s degree in Sustainability Science and Technology at the UPC.

She began her research career in the field of condensed matter physics, specifically studying ionic liquids. She is an expert in simulating complex systems. In 2001, she obtained her PhD with the doctoral thesis Study of molten salts using molecular dynamics simulations. She has been involved in eleven financed research projects and has published around twenty papers in condensed matter indexed reviews.

In 2014, she reoriented her research activity and founded, together with Professor Josep Xercavins, the Group on Governance of Climate Change, a group that she currently leads. The objective of the Group is to draw bridges between scientific knowledge on climate change and the political arena in order to provide methodological proposals that contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement and to reverse the current climate crisis.

She has carried out several studies on the concept of carbon budget and its distribution according to climate justice criteria. Participates as an observer in the conferences of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In these conferences she has presented some of the studies carried out by her research group, among which stand out The carbon budgets that will prevent the average temperature of the Earth's surface from increasing by more than 2ºC when compared with the temperature of the pre-industrial era ( June 2015 ); Climate Change and energy transition in the Mediterranean Region: Opportunities through NDCs and cooperation ( September 2016); Enhancing ambition in a modern society: challenges and opportunities. Fairness and Ambition in NDCs (December 2019).

She has also been involved in projects related to climate change mitigation among which stand out: Scientific study on climate change mitigation in relation to sustainable human development and human health (2018) and those carried out within the “Diálogo entre Pares” project of the program Euroclima + of the EU (2019), in collaboration with the governments of Chile: Key elements to incorporate justice, development and ambition in an NDC; El Salvador: El Salvador facing the challenges of the new Enhanced Transparency Framework under article 13 of the PA, and Bolivia: The NDC of Bolivia under the prism of Climate Justice.

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