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Katia Pangrazi

I was born in September 1973 and, after technical studies I never loved, I enrolled in the Painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts of Terni. Not yet completed my studies, I am called as an assistant in the course of Drawing and Painting at the same Academy. At the same time I deepen the study of the nude from the living model and begin the free experimentation of color.

During my journey I was able to specialize in ancient painting techniques: egg tempera, Giotto fresco and Renaissance colored drawing.

My passion for communication leads me to other goals and I enroll in a Master that allows me to deepen my skills in creative writing and web writing.

In recent years my attention has turned to the field of photography and visual communication, many of my shots have been selected and published in magazines and art books. I write criticisms, prefaces and texts related to events related to culture, art, science and society.

My great passions are two, writing and visual communication.

Currently I am editor of portals of national and international importance including the Wall Street International magazine, I Mag, Intertwine, Exibart, Artribune, My Where, Beniculturali online and Gigarte.

I call myself a Story Hunter, always in search of the "beauty" to tell.

I collaborate for the planning and realization of cultural events promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Museum System and InSEA (International Society for Education through Art - www.insea.org) of which I have been a member since 2018.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 I coordinated the International Project "Enredadas" promoted by UNESCO and supported by the InSEA on the occasion of the World Art Education Week held annually during the last week of May.

My skills: teaching of disciplines related to visual art such as drawing and painting aimed above all at social inclusion; writing texts, press releases and official letters; editing of critical texts for artists and companies; teaching tutor; external communication with individuals and public institutions; selection and cataloging of artists, elaboration of cultural and entertainment programs; web communication and social media management; external contacts and dissemination.

My attitudes: I love communicating, conceiving and promoting cultural projects, I love nature, philosophy, painting, knowledge and Lego constructions.

I believe in Creativity as a tool for improving people's quality of life.

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