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Psychology has always attracted me since I was a child, I felt there was something more in the underlying behaviors and mechanisms. The interest in people's stories and inner dynamics has led me to deepen my knowledge of the psyche and its mysteries, my innate communicative and empathic talent has always facilitated me to connect with people.

As a teenager, rebellious and curious to know myself, I read The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud and it was love at first sight, then I read some books by Carl Gustave Jung that resonated more with my soul and with the urgency to delve into the symbols and archetypes of the unconscious. So I left Trapani for Rome - where I graduated in Psychology at the University "La Sapienza". The cultural stimuli offered by the capital have broadened my awareness and, over the years, I have begun to explore fields such as Transmutative Alchemy, quantum applied to psychology, oriental disciplines, Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysis, meditation techniques and breathing, Russian bioinformative techniques with the training course The Tree of Life by Arcadij Petrov, esotericism and everything that stimulates my innate curiosity, by participating in seminars and conferences.

In recent years I have devised my own personal method of psychoalchemy, integrating tools and practices whose effectiveness I have personally experienced in entering the inner space, facilitating self-awareness; guided meditations, visualizations, techniques of artistic expression, focus on breathing. He also uses photographs which I consider valid tools to untie emotional knots, facilitating the emergence of blocked emotions which, with the precious psychologist's "toolbox", are elaborated, understood and dissolved, together and with the patient. The observation of some photos, significant for the subject, silent and prolonged, evokes emotions, with all their power, one returns to that precise moment, as in a time machine. I got to know this art from my father, Giovanni, who was, as he liked to call himself, an "artisan of photography".

Passionate about art in its various forms of expression, I love to paint using various techniques.

I have acquired professional experience in various fields: training, coaching, home care for terminally ill cancer patients, coordination of multidisciplinary teams, planning and implementation of projects in schools, group seminars on the relationship "Me and my mother" centered on this fundamental archetypal figure connected to sacred feminine. I have lectured on hypnosis and healing.

Writing delves into all of these interests of mine by offering a holistic approach to understanding the Psyche. Ulteriori informazioni su questo testo di originePer avere ulteriori informazioni sulla traduzione è necessario il testo di origine Invia commenti Riquadri laterali

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