Translation by Debora Ann Lucia

We must understand that other worlds, in other parts of the Universe, are real, with different kind of humans and animals.

(Tito Lucrezio Caro, 70 B.C.)

It’s obsolete to think about human being as the core of the Universe. Evidences from ancient cosmology, and from testimonies of senior military officers, proves the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Carlo Di Litta is a serious ufology researcher and an independent reporter. He is author of several articles for important Italian ufology magazines. He has published the book “Cosa nascondono i nostri Governi? Scie chimiche, haarp, ufo, ebani, codice alieno.”, (What are our governments hiding? Chemtrails, haarp, ufo, ebony, alien code), Uno Editori publisher. He is also the creator and coordinator from 2012 to 2022 of the Italian National Conference “Alienology.”

How did you approach ufology?

I had the first sighting on evening, when I was five years old and I was with my parents in the car, sitting in the back seat, looking at the sky towards Caserta, the city where I was born. We saw a bright white spherical object, a slightly-ovoid object, precisely, that in front of us proceed from right to left. It was as fast as we ever see anything. The object suddenly stopped and it began to vibrate on itself zigzagging, while we could stare at it for twenty seconds. I was intrigued and my father ironically told me “It’s an UFO!”. Immediately after the object disappeared going upwards. It was the first time I heard the word UFO.

It was a sign that opened your conscience to the possible existence of extraterrestrial realities, don’t you think so?

Yes, my life has been full of continuous events. Just a year later, in July, I had a similar sighting. I was on the terrace with my family and a few friends watching the fireworks, when we unexpectedly saw a bright object cross the sky with an anomalous movement, without realising a wave. I soon realized that information on UFO sightings was limited, so I started reading specialized magazines, where I discovered that the phenomenon was widespread both in Italy and abroad, like the famous Roswell case. But it wasn’t easy to talk about this matter at home with my family, and with friends neither, not without risking being taken for a fool, so I choose not to talk about it. For quite a while, ten years, I had no other sightings, it was the period of my universities studies.

It was in 2003 that I decided to scientifically dedicate my time to ufology, I was in London because of my job. Returning home by work I took the stairs instead the elevator, despite being on tenth floor. Going up the stairs I saw a huge discoidal object with a very visible light dome. It was suspended in the air and had central multi coloured flashing lights, while at its side were to planes. I quickly called a friend of mine, we went outside and we saw the UFO fly away until it disappeared. In the same year I returned to Italy and I had a similar experience with my brother too. We were on the highway and we saw a bright white object make evolutions, an event that we were able to film.

In 2007 I moved to Ravenna. There I met an astounding person, Rosalba Fazio, and with her also Claudio Naso, whom I believe to be one of the greatest ufologists in the world, but who unfortunately, at that time, was in the final phase of his life. They shared their documented UFO experience with me and I felt the urge to divulge their story. I began to feel satisfied because I could get answers about the human being origin and his evolutionary path!

I organized the first conference with a photographic exhibition in Rimini on 15 June 2011, a day of partial lunar eclipse. During a coffee break I saw a cubic object rotate and reflect different colours in front of the visible side of the Moon. The frames show symbols that looks like Hebrew alphabet letters.

What is the purpose of your book?

The goal is to force institutions and governments to reveal the truth, because it’s a right that belongs to all humanity.

In the initially part of the book, the co-author Quinto Narducci and I, shared our experiences of sightings, with many images as well. However, in the second part of the book, we have summarized the evidences confirming the existence of contact with extraterrestrial galactic civilizations since ancient times. If we examine texts and representations of cultures such as Japanese, or Chinese, or even Latin American, we can see the obvious evidence of interactions between humans and aliens. As well in Celtic mythological tales, in which legends tell of people being taken on transparent vessels with a bright light, stories that fit perfectly with the most recent ones of people who have witnessed sightings, or who have been contacted and, sometimes, taken by extraterrestrial. The book scan over testimonies from both civilians and military personnel.

Technological innovation has had an incredible leap in the last thirty years, it is possible that is due to help from extraterrestrial civilizations?

Yes, absolutely! In the last few years, international military exponents and NATO, have made public data, like testimonies that comes from Colonel Corso and from Robert Dean.

Michael Wolf, “The Catchers of Heaven” famous author, book well translated in Italian by Maurizio Baiata, has conducted very important work. He affirmed the existence of intelligent civilization in the space, revealing the biggest hidden secret to humanity. His research shows as in ancient texts, from Bible’s Genesis to others, that it’s described the creation of a hybrid being by some extraterrestrial civilization, by inserting a fragment of their DNA on a hominid present at the time on Earth. Certainly, us as humans, are related to some alien races, but there are many realities in this thematic, where media’s power has imposed an imaginary stereotype of a macrocephalic grey small alien with huge eyes. Reality is made by many races, some of them very similar to humankind, while others are very different.

By ancient texts and testimonies of various clarvoyants, that have made contact with extraterrestrial, thousands of years ago the races on Earth were more numerous than we commonly think, and had very different characteristics, such there was a population with a blue complexion that became extinct. This kind of characteristics complexion are in Indian deities, described move across the sky on carpets or other objects. They probably are among the races which added seed segments of their DNA in the human hominid. Gaspare De Lama, member of famous group “Caso Amicizia” (Friendship case), was a speaker at the conference I organized in Ravenna. He testifying that this blue-skinned breed is among the many races belonging to the Galactic Confederation.

Let’s talk about current events, I mean space fleets, what happens in the ufology world right now?

Since 2017 is changed the disclosure method, news that comes mostly from militaries and the Vatican. I can say that the number of sightings in the last two years in Italy, as a witness, is extraordinarily increased, particularly in May 2021 in Ravenna, when I also had fourteen consecutives days of reports.

Since many years Putin does not participate in UN assemblies but, at the end of September 2020, he participated in video conference. He spoked about space superpowers, affirming that Russia had promoted a deal with them not sending weapons into space and not using fire against space objects from outside the Earth orbit.

This happened at the same period of time when Donald Trump, then president of the USA, announced the creation of the USA space fleet, with a hymn and a logo like that of Star Trek. The intention was to enlist over 20.000 men. In a short time, this new space fleet, it had imposed itself on the many branches of the American army, inserting as a part of the Intelligence.

In March 2020 the American Congress approved a new defence law, investing 770 million dollars to established a specialized office concerning UFO studies. The purpose is to predicting and capturing this “unknown” objects. In December 2021 NASA has realized a sociological study conducted at Princeton University, with the involvement of 24 theologian expert in astrophysics. The research was interested in understanding how humanity would react to the announcement of extraterrestrial life existence, and how to use it to communicate to populations avoiding panic reactions.

I few days ago I read about over 150 documents desecrated from the famous study called AATIP, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, conducted by the Department of Defence between 2007 and 2012.

At the end of 2017 the study details were exposed to reporters by a former military intelligence officer, Luis Elizondo, who headed the team.

Appealing to the Freedom of Information Act, which authorizes to request public interest documents, the Sun is promoter of declassification of another 150 documents that confirm the existence of UFO. This documents would contain the description of the biological effects due to close encounters with these objects, or with alien beings. Among the side effects nausea, headaches and burns, resulting from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Having collected testimonies from contacted persons, I’ve known this information for at least 25 years. I’ve heard some military head officer members that confirmed how Governments have neither the competence, nor the technology, to reproduce the movements and speed of what they define extraterrestrial aircrafts.

We are really experiencing the apocalypse of the revelation of certain realities functional to an expansion of conscience.

“Truth belongs to everyone”, this is my motto. Michael Wolf in his book describes his encounter with beings, who in UFO jargon are defined as Nordics due to their tall stature, with long blonde or dark red hair. He says that in front of him he saw a stargate or a portal, and he went inside it. Wolf asserted that some galactic civilizations have the mastery and the knowledge of the physical laws, superior to the physics that we humans know. The Nordics have the ability to use telephatic power, but institutions and some important families, whose names are known, don’t want to regain certain abilities, that would make human being independent by the coercive system in which he has lived for a long time.

You recently send me photos of particular sightings can you tell us about it?

It was a June 2018 sighting, in Ravenna. I was waiting at the bus station, it was about 8.45 PM, when I saw a white flying saucer arrive from Marina di Ravenna sea area. It was an oblong shape, it moved silently and harmoniously, turning to the right it seemed to slide on an imaginary track. Then it crossed my field of view horizontally, and fortunately I was ready to take 4 photos with my smartphone, until it took a quick shot upwards, but just in time for me to take one last photo. In the pictures you can see quite well the object and its shape. In ufology perfect images are rare, because the camera cannot reproduce a certain frames of frequencies. I shared the photos in some conferences where I was a relator.

Concluding, what do you suggest to the human being in this historical moment?

Humankind usually think in individual terms, I would say human-centered, but thinking in macrocosmic terms it would realize that it’s a small cell of an infinite organism, with which it shares space and time in this dimension. When a cell is ill it also produce side effects on the other parts of the body. It is my opinion, right now, that the “planet cell” is not very healthy. We are a big family and, precisely because of the difficult times we are experiencing, we should be united to better face the difficulties. We necessarily should consider the beings who inhabit the Universe with greater openness of heart, with no terror but love, because we are part of a single magnetic field, a single energy from which everything comes.