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Fabien Bellat

Fabien Bellat holds a PhD in Art history of the Paris X University.

After having taught in Canada and in Russia, he is now teaching again in France, as an Associate professor and researcher (laboratory EVCAU) at the Paris Val de Seine National School of Architecture.

Also working for museums, he cooperated with the scientific team of the Le Nôtre exhibition at the Versailles Palace. Then he curated for the Moscow Museum of Architecture an exhibition on the Soviet new town of Togliatti. He was also the curator of an exhibition on Warsaw reconstruction, presented at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris.

As a scholar, he joined many symposiums through the world: in Russia at the Lomonossov University, in United States at Princeton University, in England at the Royal Institute of Architects, in China at the Hangzhou University.

He published several books: on Soviet-Americas architectural relationships, on Soviet new towns, on the Soviet pavilion at the Montréal 1967 Fair, and on French diplomatic architecture during the XX Century.

Workaholic, he is now struggling for publishing two new books, on the reconstruction of the Polish and Belarus capitals.

For him, discovering many countries, or hidden cultural gems everywhere, are the best part of a scholar life. Knowledge should be shared with all people!

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