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Fabien Bellat holds a PhD in Art History from the Paris X University. After having taught in Canada (2010-2012) and in Russia (2013-2015), he was till 2023 associate professor at the Paris Val de Seine National School of Architecture. He is still researcher at the EVCAU laboratory here, but is now teaching at the Lille National School of Architecture.

Also working for museums, he cooperated with the scientific team of the Le Nôtre exhibition at the Château de Versailles in 2013. Then, for the Moscow Architecture Museum, he was curator in 2014 of an exhibition on the new town of Togliatti. In 2018, he was also the curator of an exhibition on the reconstruction of Warsaw, presented at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris.

As a researcher, he has participated in numerous symposiums around the world: notably in France at the Sorbonne University, in Russia at Lomonossov University, in the United States at Princeton University, in England at Royal Institute of Architects, in China at Hangzhou University, in Italy at the University of Bologna…

He has published several books : Americas-USSR Architectures of challenge (Editions Chaudun, 2014), Togliatti, a new city in the USSR (Russian version by Tatlin; French version by Editions Parentheses, 2015), CCCP 67. A monument to the Cold War (Editions B2, 2018), and French Embassies of the 20th Century (Editions du Patrimoine, 2020). His book Minsk, a double reconstruction is currently only available in Russian (Kuskovo Pole editions, 2020).

His latest work focuses more on urban planning and cultural mixes in Central Asia : his book on Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, was published in French in 2022 by the Berlin-based Galda Verlag. His next work, on Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, is planned in French by AAM, and in German. Indeed, this is a Franco-German diplomatic cooperation, initiated on the French side by the embassy, and on the German side by the Goethe Institute.

Finally, since 2022, Fabien Bellat has increased initiatives on Ukrainian heritage, with the aim of raising awareness of Ukrainian culture in general, and possibly contributing to discussions on the future reconstruction in Ukraine.

If several of his works as a researcher concern the territories of the former Soviet Union or the Eastern Bloc, Fabien Bellat wishes in passing to provide a different vision of 20th-century creativity. This by focusing, for example, on creative scenes that are often little-known across the planet, and by comparing buildings of traditional design to the more innovative experiences of the time.

For him, sharing the hidden cultural wonders of several countries is the best reward of a life dedicated to research. Knowledge should be shared with everyone!

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