Celeste Meersohn
Joined Meer in November 2019
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Celeste Meersohn

Celeste Meersohn, born in Santiago, Chile in 1947.High school in Punta Arenas (1960-1965); Degree in Spanish, Pedagogy and Sociology at the University of Concepción (1966-1972). Worked as journalist in Radio Nacional y Radio Pacífico in Santiago (1973) and as sociologist in Berlin (1974).

Worked from 1975 until today in different places:
Internal audits in an Accounting Office. (1976-1981)
CFO at the University of Copenhagen Press. (1982-2003)
CFO at Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency. (1998-2014)
CFO at Copenhagen Literary Agency (2015-2017)
CFO at Emergency Architecture & Human Rights (2016 until today)

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