Michele Costantini
Joined Meer in March 2017
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Michele Costantini

My artistic odyssey commenced with the strokes of a pencil, gradually evolving into a fascination with colour and the expansive world of painting. However, before I ventured into the realm of traditional painting, I found myself drawn into the intricate universe of illustration. The allure of precise lines, the quest for comprehensive documentation, and the ability to weave intricate stories captivated me.

Upon completing my formal studies, my deep-seated penchant for learning led me to a transformative six-year apprenticeship under the tutelage of a Japanese artist. The initial year was dedicated to apparent mundane tasks such as cleaning and cooking, with only sporadic glimpses into the maestro's creative process. However, these seemingly routine activities were a crucial foundation, instilling in me a sense of discipline and humility essential for any artistic endeavour.

The apex of this extensive apprenticeship came in the form of a critical test: reproducing a small fish, a sardine, with meticulous attention to detail, luminosity, and an attempt to breathe life into the canvas. This experience, standing face-to-face with a humble fish, was a seminal moment that etched itself indelibly into my artistic journey.

Those were formidable years when the digital realm was still a figment of imagination, and the artist's toolkit consisted of paper, brushes, and colours. However, as my creative aspirations expanded, I found the world of illustration confining. The transition to painting brought a newfound sense of freedom—the ability to create without borders. Now unencumbered, I could traverse the realms of past, present, and future, accessing the archive of dreams and translating the genetic memory inherited from my ancestors into vibrant visual narratives.

Yet, even within this freedom, a realisation dawned upon me: the act of painting, though liberating, lacked a genuine human connection. This realization prompted a foray into writing as an additional means of expression. Writing, I discovered, possessed a magical quality, combining the inherent possibilities of painting and illustration with the added dimension of direct communication and the joy of sharing narratives with peers.

After years of experimentation, I can affirm the enchantment of writing. Through the written word, I paint intricate mental landscapes and traverse boundless fantasy realms. I convey not just the imagery but also the cadence of language, the rhythmic tension, and the emotional depths of dramatised stories. Amid these creative pursuits, I remain grounded, taking moments to tidy my space and indulging in the simple act of cooking something delightful for the one I love.

In the intersection of these artistic pursuits, I have found a harmonious balance between the visual and the narrative, the spontaneous and the deliberate, creating a symphony that resonates through the canvas and the written word.

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