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Francesca Joppolo

Francesca Joppolo was born and raised in Rome and that city has never left her even though she is a decades-long resident of Florence, the city from which she gets to observe the vicissitudes of today’s civilization. Furthermore, she has a special relationship with Sicily, her father’s homeland.

She studied art history at Florence University with Roberto Salvini.

As a professional journalist, she worked for a long time at La Nazione, the newspaper with which she still collaborates. Moreover, she has written for Uomini & Business, Arte Service, founded by Everardo Dalla Noce, whom she would like to remember here, Naturart, Vanity Fair, and the Handbook Costa Smeralda.

She is co-author of For your eyes only? Eyeglasses from A to Z published by Logos.

She edited – the cover graphics included – Be jeweled by Patrizia di Carrobio published by Polistampa.

Author of the “flyer”, Fate silenzio, Per carità on public misbehavior at classical music concerts.

She wrote, together with Paola Pace, Goliarda Music Hall, which is dedicated to the Italian actress and writer Goliarda Sapienza. It was first staged at Il Biondo in Palermo on 26 January 2018.

She is member of the board of directors of Gli Amici della Musica di Firenze, founded in 1920, one of the most prestigious European classical music associations.

Salvador Dalì, whom she does not even like, wrote a sentence that nevertheless suits her: “I have always seen things that others don’t see, and I don’t see what they have seen.”

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