Felix Ernesto Arias Hück
Joined Meer in November 2016
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Felix Ernesto Arias Hück

Based in Germany he travels film festivals all around the world and get into different kinds of art projects that find their way to his place. He contributed to film festivals, like Festival Cuba im Film, NipponConnection and Días de Cine – Lateinamerikanisches Filmfest, also music and theater projects from China, like the Magic Spark Concert 2014.

He has a soft spot for art projects that link areas that are not traditionally linked by European colonial history. Though based in Europe he focuses on arts among ethnic communities from beyond Europe and identifies links and similarities that he transfers. This takes him, for instance, to subtitle and promote a Cuban comedy screenwriter, to co-organize a concert for Chinese Folk in combination with Classical European Music in a protestant church, to translate the lyrics of most popular Peruvian Creole Waltz song into German language –showing once more that German is a language worth to sing in–, to whisper Dutch poetry in English and German at the Frankfurt International Book Fair and to appear on stage in the role of Josef Breuer (a close colleague of Sigmund Freud) in a performance that deals with modern Jewish feminism.

Translation and film promotion is the topic he deals most with. Through reviews and interviews with artists as well as on the level of Intermediality in Technology and Arts (i.e. gadgets, standards) or in terms of overcoming language barriers or auditory and optic disabilities. (i.e. Audio description, subtitles, closed captions).

He studied Fine Arts in Lima, Peru and Hispanic Literature and Latin American Studies and Art History in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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