Where there are cyclists, there are also clichés: sophisticated materials and functions optimize every aspect of cycling and make the healthiest and easiest means of transport a fetish for future mobility.

Schindelhauer brings sleek urban bikes from Berlin to Frankfurt, the University of Freiberg introduces a self-driving bike with a self-parking and charging trailer, Gleam's cargo bikes convey the driving experience of a racing bike, and Bup- up protects the cyclist from the rain. At this fair you can feel the enthusiasm of those who see in the bicycle more than an economical means of transport for individual traffic.

Developers, manufacturers and dealers present bikes for specific users: BMX stuntmen, courier drivers, dealers and craftsmen.

Bup-up offers a practical solution applicable to any bike on rainy days. An idea of the inventor Éric Frandeboeuf, who started developing it in his garage and then, thanks to the cooperation with a tent manufacturer, got an effective and comfortable solution for when it rains. Bup-up quickly opens like a pop-up tent and stows away in a backpack, to which it clips to attach to any handlebar. Bup-up protects cyclists from the rain. It can also be adapted for strollers and scooters.

Schindelhauer stands out for bicycles that combine the qualities of urban and racing bicycles, with motors, batteries and lights discreetly inserted in fine frames, enameled or brushed.

Gleam ensures lightness in the cargo bike segment. Gleam designs and manufactures custom suspension cargo bikes in Austria. This way, when you ride the Gleam cargo bike, you take the corners as if you were on a conventional bike.

PFMobility take care of the social aspect and health. The Danish manufacturer offers parallel tandem bicycles classified as a therapeutic resource, ideal for care centers and to improve the quality of life and to support the care of the elderly and sick.

Lindsay, who represents the American manufacturer of bicycles and accessories Burley at the fair, is happy with the Eurobike in Frankfurt. Although she would like to have an extra day for professionals and industry, rather than two days for the general public, as so many cycling enthusiasts can be quite exhausting too.

33,780 professionals attended during the five days of the fair. Fairnamic CEO Stefan Reisinger is satisfied. More than 27,000 cycling enthusiasts visited the fair over the weekend alone. Participants from 105 countries bring global bicycle trends within reach and experience alternatives to combustion or high-voltage vehicles. The city of Frankfurt thus responds to the demand for a mobility fair instead of the continuation of the traditional IAA motor show.

With three days for professionals and two days for the general public on the weekend, the fair meets the expectations of the industry and consumers.

The second edition of the Eurobike fair in Frankfurt will take place in June 2023.